Rain Chains

Gutter Downspout Alternative

Rain Chains

We have hundreds of styles and options available.  Please contact us to go over your rain chain needs.

XL Scallop Cups™ copper

This is the LARGEST cup style rain chain on the market – each cup is well over 4 inches across by 5 1/2 inches in length! This rainchain will handle heavy waterflow conditions. The pure, thick unfinished copper will age to a beautiful patina over time. An artistic downspout for your home!

Copper Bells™

Copper Bells feature a folded lip at the top (for stiffness), large decorative wire connectore nuts, and hand hammered accents.  With a 1″ opening in the bottom of each cup, they will handle all waterflow conditions. Our copper is thick and tested for purity. This product will last a lifetime.

Lily Flower Copper

An elegant lily flower shape in pure, thick copper. Each cup has three holes in the bottom for water drainage. Thick copper links are joined directly to the flower cups to give this chain a unique, substantial design.  This chain in particular makes a beautiful tinkling sound in a light rain. 

Aluminum Smooth Cup

These exclusively designed, large size aluminum cups are elegant, simple and functional.  They feature a folded lip at the top for maximum rigidity and a carefully engineered shape to handle any waterflow condition.

Kanji Cups™

Kanji Cups™ is a new design of mixed metals. Large flowers in pure copper are supported by thick hand cast, detailed brass bases, with pure brass links separating the cups.


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